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What is the MEMO?

The Middle European Mathematical Competition1 (MEMO), is the spiritual successor of the Austrian-Polish Mathematical Competition (APMC). It was first held in 2007.

One should not confuse the MEMO with the Mediterranean Mathematical Competition (MMC). There is no connection between these two competitions, though there are some countries which may compete in both. (The MMC is for all countries that either directly border the Mediterranean Sea or that border at least one such country.)

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Who Participates?

The participating countries are displayed in the following map:

Countries that participate at the MEMO

Invited to the first MEMO were Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland, though Germany and Hungary did not send a team. At the second MEMO in 2008 all invited countries were present. Lithuania first participated in 2009.

Eligible for participation are all pupils who do not participate at the IMO in the year of the competition and are still eligible for the IMO in the following year. Further only two of the six team members are allowed to be more than seventeen years old. Thus the MEMO is intended for promising young talents.

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The Competition

There are, like at the APMC, an individual competition and a team competition. Unlike the APMC the individual competition lasts only one day.

Venues and Results

Eisenstadt (Austria), September 20th to 26th. (Competitions on 22nd and 23rd.)
Team Competition: Poland gold; Croatia silver; Czech Republic bronze.
Further results can be found in the forum.
Olomouc (Czech Republic), September 4th to 10th
Poznań (Poland), September 24th to 29th
Strečno & Žilina (Slovakia), 9.9. - 15.9.
Varaždin (Croatia), 1.9. - 7.9.
Solothurn (Switzerland), 6.9. - 12.9.
Veszprém (Hungary), 22.8. - 28.8.
Dresden (Germany), 18.8. - 24.8.
Koper (Slovenia), 25.8. - 31.8.
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1We want to remark that "Middle Europe" is a literal translation of the German "Mitteleuropa". The correct translation is "Central Europe".

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