International Mathematical Olympiad

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The official IMO-website, containing results, statistics and problems of all IMO competitions since the very first in Romania in 1959.

IMO Information

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A Canadian page containing a lot of information about the International Mathematical Olympiad. Besides links to the websites of past competitions there is also a comprehensive collection of problems.

International Mathematical Olympiad Scores

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An unofficial page that collects all results of the IMOs since 1982 and displays them tabularly.

Kalva homepage

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A site containing my problems from diverse mathematical competitions (amongst others all problems from the Austrian-Polish competition), often with solutions. (The site went offline, but luckily it is still available in the Web Archive.)


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A very well done page about mathematics and mathematical competitions. It contains a huge bulletin board, many problems and lots of interesting and useful links. Additionally there is a good introduction to LaTeX (which is also used in our Wiki).

Seminarzentrum Raach

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The homepage of the "Seminarzentrum Raach am Hochgebirge", where the annual preparation courses for the ÖMO take place. (only in German)

The IMO Compendium

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A comprehensive site about the mathematical Olympiad. It offers news, a bulletin board and many links. Additionally a part of the site is dedicated to a book about all problems suggested for the IMOs (the so-called short- and long-lists).

International Mathematics Olympiad

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Information about past IMOs. With problems, logos and regulations. In addition there are many links to national, regional and international mathematical competitions.

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A page full of mathematical problems (including a "problem of the month") run my an Austrian olympian. Most problems are not too difficult and aim at sparking interest in the mathematical olympiade.